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Ventilation AucklandGood ventilation is essential for maintaining air quality in your home or business, as well as maintaining healthy moisture levels. Having a draughty house is not the same as having good ventilation. An airtight space is definitely easier to heat, but without proper ventilation, the air will not only be stale, but it can also be a breeding ground for mould, mildew and dust mites. These nasties thrive in a cold, damp space and can lead to countless respiratory illnesses. Unfortunately, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of respiratory disease in the world, with 1 in 6 kiwis affected. The damp air isn’t just bad for you, but also for your home. Moisture build-up leads to moss and mould, both of which can cause extensive damage to your home and your contents.

So, a ventilation system has you covered in five areas:

1. Improved Air Quality: A properly installed ventilation system can help improve the air quality in your home by removing harmful particles and allergens from the air.

2. Increased Comfort: A ventilation system can help regulate the temperature and humidity levels in your home, making it a more comfortable living environment.

3. Energy Efficiency: By properly ventilating your home, you can reduce the need for heating and cooling, resulting in lower energy bills.

4. Reduced Moisture: A ventilation system can help remove excess moisture from your home, which can prevent mold and mildew growth and protect your home from damage.

5. Health Benefits: Good air quality can have positive effects on your health, such as reducing the likelihood of respiratory issues and allergies. A ventilation system can help achieve this.

There are two main types of ventilation systems

Positive Pressure System

Positive pressure ventilation systems are a great addition to Auckland homes as they help to keep the indoor environment fresh and healthy. These systems work by introducing fresh air into the home and forcing moisture laden air out through gaps in the home. This process helps to reduce the buildup of moisture, pollutants, and allergens, which can cause health problems and damage to your home.

Benefits of a positive pressure ventilation system include improved air quality, reduced risk of mould and mildew, and increased energy efficiency. With a positive pressure ventilation system, you can enjoy a comfortable and healthy living environment all year round. Positive Pressure Systems are the most cost-effective ventilation option on the market.


Balanced Heat Recovery System

A balanced heat recovery ventilation system is a great way to improve the air quality in your Auckland home. This type of system works by exchanging stale, humid air from inside your home with fresh, dry air from outside. The system uses a heat exchanger to recover energy from the outgoing air, so that the incoming air can be pre-heated before it enters your home. This helps to regulate the temperature and humidity levels in your home, and can save you money on your energy bills.

One of the main benefits of a balanced heat recovery ventilation system is that it can help to reduce the levels of indoor pollutants that can cause health problems. By constantly circulating fresh air into your home, the system can remove allergens, dust, and other particles that can trigger respiratory problems. This can be especially important in Auckland, where high levels of humidity can exacerbate these issues.

Another benefit of a balanced heat recovery ventilation system is that it can help to reduce moisture levels in your home. This can be particularly important in Auckland, where dampness and mold can be a problem. By exchanging humid air for dry air, the system can help to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause structural damage and health problems.

Overall, a balanced heat recovery ventilation system is a great investment for any Auckland homeowner who wants to improve the air quality in their home and save money on their energy bills. With its ability to regulate temperature and humidity levels, remove indoor pollutants, and prevent mold growth, this type of system is a smart choice for anyone who wants to create a healthy, comfortable living environment.


At Comfort Solutions we install Smartvent & Mitsubishi Electric ventilation products which have proven to be robust, reliable products backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.


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