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How To Get Healthy Auckland Ventilation When It’s Freezing!

When Winter claws its way in, the last thing most of us want to do is fling open our windows and let freezing air come rushing in, even if it is fresh air! It’s more like: double-glazed windows closed, fireplace or heating on, blankets out, and Belgium hot chocolate on call.

Sounds perfect but this “battening down the hatches” is bad for our health by hampering the inflow of fresh air and the outflow of moisture, sufficient quantities of carbon dioxide, bacteria, and other serious pollutants. Without proper ventilation in Auckland, you are capturing moisture that leads to mould and fungi taking hold in your home! And it does this overnight.

Healthy Home, Healthy Family

Ventilating your home is important primarily for your health but also the surfaces and infrastructure of your property. Do you find someone in your family who gets more headaches in winter or has blocked sinuses? Well, your ventilation is probably unhealthy.

Over eighty per cent of New Zealanders are running the risk of upper respiratory illnesses or allergic reactions like eczema because of the poor air quality they live in. And New Zealand leads the world in respiratory illnesses, so we all need to take this far more seriously than in the past.

Respiratory Illnesses

People living with Asthma will gain huge relief from their symptoms when they live in a correctly ventilated space. And the same goes for allergy sufferers. Proper ventilation in Auckland also assists with VOC reductions (airborne pollutants) which otherwise trigger allergies, fatigue, breathing challenges, headaches, sinusitis and other illnesses. A solution as simple as ventilation will transform lives with fresh, filtered air, reduced pollutants and the extraction of nasty health threats.

Radioactive Gas Trapped In Homes

Most homeowners do not even contemplate that there is Radon gas building up in their homes directly from the ground. It is a natural emission from the ground, and its radioactive properties are a catalyst for lung cancer. Ventilation, via equipment or open doors and windows, moves the gas out of the home and makes it harder for the particles to be deposited in our lungs.

Mechanical Ventilation in Auckland

You don’t have to choose between being warm and getting fresh air in this day and age! An energy-efficient mechanical ventilation system is designed to give you a healthy interior while staying warm in winter.

The system constantly removes moisture, carbon dioxide and any undesirable elements without overdrying the air like a heater. It merely removes excess moisture.

Enjoy filtered, deliciously fresh air 24/7!

Get a healthy, comfortable interior with the freshest air. Call us today!.

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