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Is your heat pump healthy?

heat pump servicingJust like your car, heat pumps need regular servicing to ensure they are working at their absolute best.

At Comfort Solutions we recommend a full service every 12 months for your home and every 6 months in your office or commercial property. This helps to prolong your unit’s operating life and ensure it maintains optimum efficiency. We believe heat pump maintenance service is incredibly important in ensuring the continuous health of your home.  Setting up regular visits for heat pump cleaning & maintenance services not only supports the efficiency of your home but also helps prolong the life of your system as well. By ensuring your system is always running efficiently and your unit is well cared for, servicing is able to provide long term savings.

Here at Comfort Solutions we remind all our existing clients when their system needs cleaning servicing, so your unit will continue to heat, cool or ventilate at maximum capacity leaving you with peace of mind We are also able to schedule your heat pump maintenance well in advance in Auckland, North Shore NZ.
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Why Comfort Solutions for Your Aircon & Heat Pump Maintenance service in Auckland?

Whether we provided your heat pump maintenance in Auckland, or it was provided by another company, we are still able to take care of all of your heat pump cleaning service and maintenance needs.

Comfort Solutions has been in the industry for many years and take what we do seriously. We have a long list of satisfied customers thanks to our attention to detail and dedication to prolonging the life of your air con or heat pump system.

We specialise in a wide variety of brands, including Mitsubishi heat pump maintenance services among many others.

A Full Service Includes:

  • Clean & disinfect the indoor & outdoor unit coils
  • Clean indoor & outdoor unit
  • Clean & disinfect indoor unit filters
  • Check indoor fan blade for any mould build up, advise customer if cleaning is required*
  • For Mitsubishi heat pump maintenance a regular check of filters and clean drain pipe to ensure they are free from dirt and debris.
  • Check for vermin or insect infestations, lay bait & advise customer if any potential problem exists
  • Test system on heating & cooling & advise customer of any abnormalities
  • For Mitsubishi heat pump maintenance team will heck temperature output and make sure that it is operating at the correct temperature settings.
  • Replace remote batteries

*Additional parts and/or servicing may incur additional charges.

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The Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Services & Maintenance Auckland

Your heat pump system is a large investment as heat pump installation Auckland and equipment are definitely not cheap. And like with any large investment you should prioritise looking after it. And the only real way to look after your heat pump services system effectively is by ensuring that it receives routine maintenance. This will keep your heat system in optimal working condition, which will in turn bring down your energy costs.

Having yearly maintenance and service checks will also help pick up on any potential problems and ensure that they are fixed immediately. By investing in this type of service you are prolonging the lifespan of your heat pump system and getting the most out of your initial investment.

Make Use of Our Heat Pump Installation Services

In addition to heat pump cleaning in Auckland, we also offer air Conditioning services on the North Shore, including Auckland and West Auckland. Our installation services are what we are best known for and we have become a trusted name within the industry.

Auckland is known for its extreme temperatures at times and a heat pump system will give you complete control of the temperature in your home or office, allowing you to be comfortable at all times.

If you’re looking to have a heat pump installed in Auckland, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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