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How To Choose The Best Heat Pump Brand in NZ

To be honest, we only work with a few brands that we have intensely researched and selected because they are THE best heat pump brands we could find. And we only sell the best.

You can, therefore confidently focus on which solution suits your needs from this stable of thoroughbred brands, knowing that we have chosen the best NZ heat pump brand options for you already!

How To Choose The Best Heat Pump Type For Your Needs

Split-system – As the name implies, this system is split between 1 indoor outlet and 1 outdoor pump. This popular heat pump in NZ is good for rooms up to sixty square metres.

Multi-split – This system has multiple indoor outlets and can service up to three rooms that are near each other. Similar pricing to split systems.

Ducted system – This concealed unit in your roof area has multiple indoor outlets and sensors, servicing a whole house, e.g. over five rooms.

How To Choose The Best Heat Pump Size For Your Needs

The figures below are a guide and can be affected by a few factors, so please call us [hyperlink to contact page] in to review the property before ordering:

Twenty square metre rooms require approximately 2 to 2.5 kW

Twenty to forty square metre rooms require approximately 2.5 to 5 kW

Forty to sixty square metre rooms require approximately 4 to 6 kW

Sixty to eighty square metre rooms require approximately 5 to 7 kW

Eight square metre rooms and above require approximately 6 to 9 kW

Ceiling heights, ventilation and pump locations can affect performance and comfort significantly, so please call our experts contact us

Do The Best Heat Pumps Have Different Noise Levels?

A new split-system heat pump will have very low noise levels inside and outside. You can expect a difference in noise ranges (declared by each manufacturer) from nineteen dB to fifty-three dB in the interior. The outside pump units can produce forty-two dB to sixty-nine dB.

But what do these dB numbers mean in your life? Here is a “translation”:

  • During the day at home alone, when quiet, you will probably experience thirty dBA.
  • When driving in your car without the radio on, you will probably experience fifty dBA.
  • A regular conversation will register at about sixty dBA. And wine and that will climb.
  • House chores like using the vacuum cleaner will record between seventy and eighty dBA.

If your interior needs high powered units, then you might need to consider an installation position for the motor that is not near your bedrooms or your neighbours’ bedrooms.

There are many factors that influence your purchase, and you will make the best choice when you get advice from our experts.

For guidance on the best heat pump brands in NZ and solutions, call us today!


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