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Will Adding A Ducted Heat Pump System In A Renovation Save Costs?

A professional home renovation is a surefire way to boost the value of your home as well as comfort levels. Part of that comfort is attained by having an ideal temperature all year round and a renovation is a perfect time to install a ducted heat pump to achieve that. The convenience and cost will be absorbed into the general building work which is a double win for you.

A ducted heat pump or air conditioner will add enormous value to your home so let’s at their total benefits.

An Overview Of Ducted systems

  • They are simple to use
  • The zone control gives you lower energy consumption
  • The systems are quieter than split systems
  • A heat pump, specifically, delivers substantially more energy savings

If you choose to install your ducted system while renovating you save a lot of money, time and disruption as the system can be installed in the ceiling cavity.

One of the biggest advantages of a ducted heat pump or air conditioner is that it can be tailored to serve as many areas of your home as you want. A good-sized family home will battle to be serviced uniformly with a couple of split units.

Your ducted system will cool or warm every nook and cranny and it can be customised in each room for the individual comfort of everyone.

How Does A Ducted System Work?

A ducted system is based on a central heating or cooling system. It has an internal fan that can be installed in the roof space and steadily distributes the treated air throughout the ducts and is finally controlled at each outlet.

Temperature, timers, fans and other settings can be adjusted on a wall controller.

Your ducted system can be scheduled to turn on before the heat outside builds up so that you don’t need a huge power push to drop the interior temperature. It can then automatically turn off at sunset or whenever you want – saving on energy bills.

The outdoor unit is mounted on an outside wall with the indoor unit and ducts in the ceiling. The only visible components are the discreet vents in the ceiling.

The Ceiling Ducts

The positioning of the vents in the ceiling is a strategic position as the heating or cooling is distributed far more easily from that position. The ducted system is more proficient at measuring the interior temperature which means that you don’t have wasted heating or cooling costs. If you are using a ducted heat pump, the cost is reduced & energy wastage is reduced even more dramatically.

Get superior interior comfort, a huge boost to your property’s value and great savings while helping the environment.

Install a ducted heat pump during your renovation & save on cost. Talk to our team today.


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