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Humidity In Auckland & Ventilation Lite Solutions

Humidity in Auckland is an ongoing challenge in homes so ventilation discussions are daily. In fact, the whole of New Zealand has a propensity for humidity with the far north of our North Island having a subtropical Summer including humidity and temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius. New Zealand’s consistent rainfall adds to the humidity, especially in the west.

So how can you combat this humidity and its impact in your home?

Auckland Ventilation Needs

The geographical structure of Auckland brings benefits and challenges. One of the challenges is the narrowness of the strip of land that Auckland is established on – extensively surrounded by the South Pacifica and Tasman sea. In summer, it is constantly coated with damp sea air and, regardless of what direction the wind blows, it is laden with ocean water.

If you are a tenant in Auckland, your landlord can proactively protect their investment property using an Auckland ventilation system like SmartVent Lite. In addition to protecting the property, it ensures that you, the tenant, have healthier living conditions.

A survey done by the New Zealand government reports that homeowners who live in the property they own, are far more likely to have healthy, mechanical ventilation systems installed than landlords. Mechanical ventilation greatly enhances the quality of air.

Tenant Ventilation Needs

This is by no means saying that tenant apartments are unlivable. All homes have to be in a reasonable state of cleanliness with no mould and dampness when you take occupation. When you move, you are required to maintain the home in this condition and not allow mould and dampness to develop (unless there is a river running under the house).

Just your presence can produce thousands of litres of humidity so you usually need mechanical ventilation assistance to maintain the condition of the house. Avoiding the buildup of moisture and mould is essential to reduce condensation which affects the integral strength of interior surfaces AND it reduces the presence of airborne health threats.

In addition, you may not SEE all the moisture-bred challenges and this can add to health issues as well as property damage. In some instances, microscopic mould and fungi can develop in furniture and behind decor items like wall-hung cupboards and pictures.

SmartVent Lite

SmartVent Lite is an affordable ventilation system that protects your home and family, always circulating the air and keeping the interior dry. It circulates faster when conditions are warmer and slows down its cooler. The monitoring software measures interior moisture levels in the home and incoming air and keeps the interior perfectly primed.

A landlord can lock the settings to prevent the system from being erroneously turned off but system temperatures, speeds and schedules can be adjusted to suit the tenant.

Get your SmartLite installed and balance your Auckland Ventilation for less than $2000!


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