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Air conditioning, or air-con as it’s often known, is a very popular addition to any modern home. In fact, the ability to keep yourself warm or cool yourself down at the touch of a button is only growing in popularity throughout the world.

Ducted air conditioning in Auckland is one of the most popular options available to ensure you can control your home’s temperature. Here are some of the ways it’s constantly improving.


Geothermal systems tend to be more environmentally friendly than your standard air conditioning. As such, they can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Geothermal ducted air conditioning in Auckland uses heat pumps, water and an underground piping system to naturally generate heat and keep your house at a good temperature. Furthermore, there is no need for a refrigerant, meaning that they cannot generate any environmental damage from it.

Although geothermal systems are more expensive to buy and install, they are far cheaper to run, meaning that they can actually be a smart economic investment.


If your ducted air conditioning in Auckland uses smart technology, then you can control it remotely, even if you’re nowhere near your house. This means that you can tell your air conditioning system to start working half an hour before you arrive home so that you don’t have to arrive at a cold house. Furthermore, because you can turn it on and off at will, you don’t need to leave it running all day to ensure your house is warm when you get in—saving you a lot of money. If you forget to turn it off in the morning as you leave for work, then again, it’s not a problem. Simply turn it off remotely.

Smart technology is growing in sophistication and you can now program some systems to work in conjunction with the weather, and some can be linked up to operate alongside other smart appliances, such as ceiling fans.


In a world where energy is costly and also damages the planet, efficiency is really important. Nowadays, energy analysis software can tell you how much energy your system is consuming at the moment and how much it will likely consume in the future. It can offer you comparisons and also help you keep on top of your energy consumption.

If you’re considering installing ducted air conditioning in Auckland, then please get in touch. We have thirty years of experience and will gladly talk you through your options.


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