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Heat Pumps vs Traditional Furnaces: Which Is More Efficient?

Although it may seem like an obvious answer – heat pumps must be more efficient than traditional furnaces given their advancements in technology – this isn’t necessarily true. Their comparative efficiency can vary based on a number of factors, like the type of heat pump and the heating requirements of your home. Plus, it’s important to remember that climate also affects your home’s heating systems. It just so happens that the temperate climate of New Zealand lends itself to highly functional heat pumps!

Bearing these factors in mind, we at Comfort Solutions are here to break down the differences in efficiency between a heat pump – like the famed Panasonic ducted heat pump that we provide – and traditional furnaces. Read on for more.

Heat Pumps

For a temperate climate, like the kind experienced by our Auckland customers, heat pumps are extremely efficient. They can transfer heat between the air or the ground and your home rather than generating it, keeping your property at the perfect temperature. Generally, for both air source and geothermal heat pumps, they produce more heat than the electricity they consume, testifying to their efficiency.

Still, as we’ve touched upon above, heat pumps are most efficient in areas without extreme summers or winters. They can struggle to provide sufficient heat when pushed to these extremes, and other heating sources would be required for your home, which reduces a heat pump’s efficiency.

Traditional Furnaces

The more modern and high-efficiency your gas or oil furnace is, the more energy efficient they’ll be. Certain traditional-style furnaces made nowadays convert a significant portion of their fuel into heat. Nevertheless, unlike ducted heat pumps, the older they are, the less efficient and eco-friendly they become. Because traditional furnaces burn fuel to generate as much heat as possible, they often release harmful emissions into the environment.

Sometimes, though, purchasing a traditional furnace isn’t a choice, but a need. If you live in a cold region, these furnaces don’t rely on external temperature conditions to produce heat. In this way, traditional furnaces are more efficient than heat pumps.

Simply put, choosing between a heat pump and a traditional furnace for your home depends on your requirements, the climate where you live, the initial cost of installation and, above all, your personal preferences. Indeed, you may opt for a heat pump over a traditional furnace because of their eco-friendly qualities!

To find a ducted heat pump at low cost, look to Comfort Solutions in Auckland at your earliest convenience. We provide quality Panasonic ducted heat pumps and much more, at affordable prices that you can trust. Contact us for more information, today.


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