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Heat pumps have been in the news a lot recently, mostly because they are being touted as a replacement for less environmentally friendly heating systems. However, despite the fact that they are being mentioned everywhere right now, most people still don’t know much about them. Below, we explain what a heat pump is, why it’s being considered a viable heating option for the future, and how you might benefit from one.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump uses similar technology to an air conditioning unit or a refrigerator, only to generate heat rather than cold. In other words, it uses a compressor to circulate refrigerant. By doing this it extracts heat from an outside source, such as geothermal energy in the ground or the heat in the air outside.

It then amplifies this heat many times over and pumps the warmth into and around your home.

Why are they becoming so popular?

Heat pumps do not use anywhere near as much electricity as electric boilers. Despite this, they often achieve a 300 – 400% efficiency rate. The heat they generate is far higher than the energy they consume, and they do not produce any emissions. This makes them an excellent choice for a world focused on energy efficiency and zero emissions.

Are heat pumps really catching on?

Absolutely. Many countries consider heat pumps part of the future and hope to replace their current polluting energy systems with them. Lots of households are also opting to install a heat pump due to the fact they are often much cheaper to run.

What is the best heat pump brand in New Zealand?

The best heat pump brand in New Zealand is a hard call, and it is probably a dead heat between Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Panasonic. These are all well-known manufacturers and their heat pumps are reliable, professional and cost-effective.

How can a heat pump benefit you and your household?

Heat pumps are a clean form of energy, unlike gas heating, wood burners or coal. This means you can heat your house with a clear conscience, knowing that you aren’t pumping dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere or damaging the planet. If you are worried about your carbon footprint, a heat pump is definitely the way forward for you.

Heat pumps also slash your energy bills by a lot, meaning you can save more of your money. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about volatile energy prices associated with the oil and gas markets.

Heat pumps are far more efficient than traditional boilers and the heat they produce is just as good – if not better.

If you want to discuss getting a heat pump installed or you just want to know more, then please get in touch. We deal with all the best heat pump brands in New Zealand and we have an excellent reputation with our customers.


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