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How To Plan An Air Conditioning Installation In Large Open Plan Spaces

Air conditioning is a godsend on a hot or humid day so when you plan it, you want to get it right. Even large areas such as an open plan home, office or retail space can become stuff and stale – and that’s bad for your family, employees or foot count.

Planning an air conditioning installation for open plan areas is not as simple as defined, limited areas, like lounges or small shops, that reach and maintain the cooler temperature with ease. So, here are our 4 top tips to help you with that planning.

Tip #1 – Get Your BTU Right In The Installation

Whether it’s a small room or a large open air, double-volume space, the first step is always to start with the correct output capabilities. The output per air conditioning system is generally calculated in BTUs or British Thermal Units. The BTU can be achieved via one machine or a combination of multiple units.

It is prudent to get professional advice on determining the BTUs you need for a large, open-plan space but this formula will get you into the ballpark:

Ceiling height (metres) x room width (metres) x room length (metres) x 5 = BTU

This answer is one aspect of the air conditioning unit decision as the needs could be affected by a north facing room with intense sun exposure.

Tip #2 – Next, Choose The Best (Appropriate) Air Conditioning System

The most advisable air conditioning installation for large, open plan areas is a central system or a split system air conditioning.

Central air conditioning installation – This suits large single-story properties that haven’t been built yet because one internal cooling unit feeds a network of ducting. To facilitate this, there needs to be sufficient ceiling, wall or floor cavity planned and built.

Split or multi-split system installations – One or many internal split units can be placed in and around a space that needs cooling. They are often more affordable with simpler installations.

Tip #3 – Don’t Rush The Decision

If this is a retrofit airconditioning installation then you will most likely be going with split or multi-split systems. These types suit large areas:

Ceiling cassette units (recessed) – These ceiling units handle large, open-plan rooms quite efficiently. Their powerful output is in wide streams of air in four different directions simultaneously. Their coverage is very good. They need dropped, false or suspended ceilings as their installation is recessed.

Ceiling suspended units – A suspended ceiling unit is an alternative to the recessed unit. There is no multi-directional function but their output is powerful.

If neither of these options suit you then discuss your needs further with our team.

Tip #4 – Use An Installation Team You Trust

Getting the right equipment is important but installing it in the right place in the right manner is equally important. Do your own research on installers before paying a deposit.

The installation team should have experience with ducted systems, ceiling cassette units or ceiling suspended units.

And now you’re set for a cool journey into the future!

At Comfort Solutions, we have been doing air conditioning installations successfully for over 30 years. It’s hard to beat that record! Chat to us today.

Best Air Conditioning Installation Positions

Knowing the best air conditioning installation positions Auckland will increase the enjoyment of your investment. As a rule of thumb, a split unit air conditioner is best installed in a central position within a room to achieve a balanced airflow. Let’s look at it room by room.

Bedroom Air Conditioning Installation

A prime installation spot for your bedroom air conditioner will ensure the air avoids flowing directly over you while you sleep.

This is because you will cool down more and more as you sleep to the point of discomfort. In addition, the majority of people find the constant air friction across their skin to be an irritant. It can also bring on an inflamed throat by the time you awake.

This means that the wall behind the headboard, to the left or right of the bed, is good with the vent pointing outwards into the room, not downwards. By the time the cold air sinks it will have passed the bed.

Lounge Air Conditioning Installation

In the lounge, you do want the air to be directed towards you so install the equipment opposite the seating positions. Install it as high as possible as hot air rises and cold air sinks, so a high position gives you more comprehensive cooling.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Ducted air conditioning can help you avoid the above challenges if you have planned the air vents correctly. The positioning of the vents should be as per above and you will have much more flexibility as you can add extra vents where needed.

External Unit Installation

All air conditioners have an external unit and their position needs to be considered as well.

Shaded Position

Your air conditioning system Auckland will benefit greatly from a shaded exterior unit, away from direct sunlight.

Ventilation Upkeep

Your external unit should not be installed in a stuffy, constricted position with a dense bush growing over it. Good ventilation is needed and regular checkups on this are also needed. Free airflow is key to an efficient and longlasting system.


It is vital that split systems are installed on a wall or concrete slab that doesn’t transfer vibration to the interior. Note: The vibration is greater when on the heating setting. If this is not possible then a vibration padding system or platform needs to be installed with it by a sound-wave specialist. It is usually comprised of layers of different non-hard materials – a piece of timber will not do the trick.

If you share a wall with a neighbour this would not be a recommended position for installation.


Your external air conditioner unit must always be installed in a position that allows you to easily clean it and inspect it. It should also be protected, as much as possible, from strong winds blowing dust or sea air into it.

Licensed, Insured Air Conditioning Installation

Remember to always use certified, licensed, insured installers. Failure to do so may compromise your warranties and guarantees as well as increase your fire risks.

Choose the best option and the best air conditioning installation Auckland with the help of your experts! contact us


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