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What Cooling Can I Specify In A Mid-Range Budget Renovation?

When you are planning a renovation you might think that you can’t afford cooling or heating options if you have a mid-range budget. There are great thermal-management options available that are environmentally friendly. You can specify insulation, plants, heat pumps and more in Auckland for affordable prices that meet your budget.

Let’s move on to these cool facts.

Cool Fact #1 – Insulation Impact

A mid-range renovation budget can accommodate super insulation in your ceiling. This will give you significant cost-savings long term in winter and summer. Avoid

North-West facing glazing to reduce being bombarded by afternoon heat.

You can also insulate using plants and shade.  Plant indigienous deciduous trees like our precious Shrubby Tororaro (Muhlenbeckia astonii), also called the pohuehue and mingimingi. This tree will shade your building in summer and lose all its leaves in winter to allow more warmth in your home.

Insulate the ceiling and roof as your first choice and, if the budget allows, add the insulation for the walls.

Cool Fact #2 – Glazing Impact

Single-plane glazing has a significant impact on your heating and cooling. By adding one single-pane window in a north or northwest-facing wall, you can cause temperatures to spike by eighty-seven per cent in a room.

North-facing and northwest-facing will get you the maximum light but it’s best to plan these windows as double-glazing. Double-glazing reduces heat radiation gain or loss by up to seventy per cent.

Cool Fact #3 – Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an excellent cooling tool and top-quality ones add to the interior design styling. If your fan causes an air current of 0.5 metres per second, you will achieve the maximum cooling effect without being an irritation.

A central ceiling position is usually the best unless the users of the room are always seated to one side. Interestingly, if the fan is adjusted to operate counter-clockwise, you will achieve even more cooling.

Cool Fact #4 – Heat Pumps

Heat pumps in Auckland are fast becoming a top choice for homeowners and, therefore, the heat pump prices in Auckland are now far more competitive. Their amazing energy efficiency gives them a really fast ROI which adds to their popularity. Their reverse cycle methodology means they supply you with heat or cold, using refrigerator technology.

It is important to specify the right size heat pump for the interior space it is serving.

The added benefit is that you can use your heat pump on the “fan mode” with your windows open to supply initial cooling or to do cooling after sunset. Some heat pump products have a dehumidifying mode which increases comfort if you are in a high-humidity area. By using that mode only, you save even more on your energy bill!

In addition, aim for a twenty-two-degree Celcius room temperature. Don’t put the thermostat lower, the room will not cool down faster.

Now that you are ready with our top three 4 cool tips, you can start your renovation design. What fun!

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