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Tips For Choosing Office Air Conditioning In Auckland

Air conditioners are more than sources of cool temperatures and this vital factor is frequently overlooked. Air conditioning in Auckland, North Shore, will not keep everyone cool and level-headed but will enhance the interior hygiene of your office space by preventing the establishment of mildew and mould colonies, filtering out some bacteria and improving oxygen levels in closed environments. So here are some tips for choosing the best AC solution for your office.

Size Is Everything

The size of your office interior is one of the primary factors influencing your choice of air conditioning. The interior’s square feet size will be compared to the manufacturer’s cooling capacity listed on each air conditioning system.

Calculate the area of the space that requires air conditioning by multiplying the length by the width. Multiply this answer by 25 British thermal units (BTU) to get the minimum BTU to match an air conditioning unit to.

For example, using a small office space:

  1. Multiply 10 feet by 15 feet = 150 square feet.
  2. Multiply 150 x 25 (BTU) = 3750 BTU

This is the absolute minimum figure that will be affected by the number of occupants in that space.

Number Of Occupants

The efficiency of an air conditioner is affected by the number of active occupants in the space. The greater the occupancy volume and rate, the higher the BTU demand. The minimum BTU is aimed at serving a maximum of five people.

If you do not have a big enough air conditioner, then you cannot skirt the issue by playing with its settings. It might cool the room temporarily but will strain the machine which will increase the risk of frequent breakdowns and greatly shorten its lifespan. You will be buying a new machine sooner than expected and therefore investing in the right size upfront makes better financial sense.

Efficiency Ratings

Air conditioners come with energy efficiency ratios (EERs). This reflects the BTU cooling capacity to the energy usage or power consumption (stated in watts).

A high EER score implies an efficient machine.

Types Of Air Conditioners

There are various types of air conditioners for you to choose from with the most popular types being:

  • Split units
  • Multi-split units
  • Central, ducted AC units
  • Portable ACs.

Portable ACs gobble up space and need a window to vent out of or a custom-made hole in the wall to push their vent pipe through.

In space-constrained offices, or sleekly designed spaces, a central, ducted AC or a ductless split/multi-split option is simple to install, space-saving, and efficient.

Professional Installations

Without a doubt, it is essential that you work with a licensed, insured HVAC Contractor. Commercial Office heating and cooling needs that affect the daily life of dozens or hundreds of people must be specified and installed by knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed AC or HVAC contractors. They will comprehend the safety and health needs, machine performances in commercial spaces, and commercial installation standards.

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