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Mitsubishi Heat Pumps In NZ Are Great For Heating And Cooling!

Mitsubishi is one of the most trusted names in heat pumps in NZ. They have many options, including ductless and ducted heating and cooling systems. Their range also includes model options from entry-level to premium so everyone can find an option that will suit their needs and budget.

The Best Of Both Worlds

One of the top advantages of investing in Mitsubishi heat pumps in NZ is that they are combination systems, meaning they can both heat and cool – and efficiently and cost-effectively too.

Heat pumps offer the highest efficiency level, equating directly to a decreased electricity bill, meaning that you will experience cost savings over the entire lifespan of your product.

Mitsubishi heat pumps in NZ have proven to be durable, quieter, easier to install and maintain and less costly to operate than many of their competitors.

Why Choose A Mitsubishi Heat Pump In NZ?

While the range might be diverse, one theme is typical, from the most budget-conscious to the premium; Mitsubishi heat pumps in NZ will deliver above-average performance for both heating and cooling.

Their sensitive temperature sensors will detect a change in the ambient temperature. They will then automatically adjust the conditioning, allowing them to operate the most efficiently throughout the day.

Energy Star Ratings Of Mitsubishi Heat Pumps In NZ

Backed by the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) in New Zealand, the Energy Star Mark is a system of symbols that indicates the level of energy efficiency of an appliance and commitment to an environmental conscience in product design. Under this system, heat pumps have been named one of the most efficient forms of heating available in the country.

Appliances earn their Energy Star marks with designs that help customers to save money and protect the environment. They must also present features that meet the demands of the customer. In the case of high-ticket items, the cost of the appliance must be able to be recouped in a reasonable period of time through cost savings achieved by using that product.

Mitsubishi heat pumps in NZ have achieved these parameters with 34 different heat pump models in their stable. All models will display their Energy Star rating allowing for easy comparison with other models and brands.

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