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Living in Auckland? Invest in a Ducted Heat Pump System this Summer

If you live in Auckland, you’ll know just how hot and stuffy our summers can be. It can mean working from your office, or even relaxing at home, quite unbearable if you don’t have the right temperature control solutions in place.

With this summer set to be one of the hottest yet, there is no better time in Auckland to invest in ducted heat pumps! So what are some of the benefits of ducted heat pumps, and what makes them worth investing in?

Complete Climate Control

The main and obvious advantage of investing in a ducted heat pump system is the fact that you will have complete climate control. Too hot? Adjust the temperature. Too cold? Adjust the temperature. It is just as easy as that. And with the right temperatures, you should find that you are always comfortable and may be able to work more efficiently too!

Clean Air

Prioritise your family’s health! Ducted heat pumps filter the incoming air, thus improving the overall air quality for a better breathing experience.


When it comes to heating and cooling your home in Auckland, ducted heat pumps are the most efficient solution. They use a minimal amount of energy, meaning that they are good for the environment, as well as your energy bill at the end of the month!


Unlike some other heating appliances, ducted heat pumps are very safe, even when you have small children and pets around. No hot surfaces to burn little hands on!

Increase Your Property’s Value 

By investing in a ducted heat pump system, you are automatically increasing the value of your home. And if you ever decided to sell your home, many potential buyers would look at your ducted heat pump system as an attractive feature!

Comfort Solutions Auckland: Our Ducted Heat Pump Solutions

Here at Comfort Solutions, we take care of your ducted heat pump installation from start to finish. We’re able to recommend which models would best suit your needs. We also provide maintenance services to ensure that your ducted heat pump system runs in optimal condition.

Living in Auckland and looking to invest in ducted heat pumps for your home or office? Get in touch with the professional team at Comfort Solutions today at We specialise in making your home or office as comfortable as possible through climate control.

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