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How Much Money Will I Save With A Heat Pump?

If you’re ready to make your home more eco-friendly then you are probably looking at a heat pump as one of your environmentally friendly options. Another thing you will be looking at is the cost of the eco-friendly upgrade versus its return on investment.

So will your Mitsubishi heat pump price be paid back by the savings it delivers to you monthly?

Let’s look at what savings you can expect from this product.

What Is A Heat Pump?

A heat pump supplies homes with heating and cooling functions. It works by drawing energy from the surrounding air and converting it into heated or cooled air for the interior. This achieves better interior air quality and reduces your home’s carbon emissions.

Where Do The Savings Start?

Heat pumps, also categorized as mini-split systems, have much fewer maintenance needs than traditional systems. The heat pump draws in the air over its coil which starts a heat exchange process and provides cool air into your interior. Heat pump technology offers a reverse cycle that supplies warm air into your interior.

The heat exchange process produces heated or cooled air without involving the use of combustion. Their efficiency levels leave traditional HVAC systems in the dust and certain heat pumps can sustain complete efficiency at extremely low temperatures e.g. -15° C. Even at extreme temperatures, heat pumps are always more energy efficient and/or environmentally friendly than traditional methods.

How Much Savings Can You Expect?

There are different savings dependent on the mode you are using.

The cooling mode delivers efficiencies that are similar to ducted and split unit air conditioning but are significantly more efficient than window AC units.

The heating mode delivers big savings. You can expect savings of up to fifty per cent…sound attractive?

When you extrapolate that over a Mitsubishi heat pumps life,  you can save up to seventy per cent, annually. This is subject to your weather conditions, correct maintenance schedules and part replacement. The latter two items are included as the service requirements are minimal, the services are cheaper and the part replacement is rare.

The more the energy costs rise, the greater the savings you will recoup.

Heat pumps are an excellent long term investment.

Case Study

A good example of savings achieved is shown by a client for whom we replaced an oil based heating system with a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pump system.

We have maintained the system and monitored it for them.

Excellent annual savings were achieved for their 1800 sqm property. The annual fifty-five per cent reduction in heating and cooling costs registered savings of A$12,500.

Ready to check out a Mitsubishi heat pump price and save now?



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