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Is A Professional Heat Pump Cleaning Service Necessary?

Heat pumps are an environmentally-friendly, astute investment as their energy bill savings give you a fast return on investment, and you enjoy a perfect, eco-friendly temperature indoors or in your shower.

You can sit back and do nothing while comfort envelopes you, right?

Well, that needs a yes and no answer, and while that would have disqualified us on The Weakest Link, in this case, it wins a point. This is because heat pump cleaning is necessary for any Auckland pump owner. And here is why.

Do Nothing Or Too Much?

For 99.999% of the time, you can sit back and do nothing about your heat pump, but it cannot be ignored completely.

Unfortunately, the DIY minor maintenance and the regular deep clean and check-up service for heat pumps is mostly omitted by property owners. These services are critical for the efficient operation of your heat pump and the extending of its lifespan.

So what is required?

The Minor And The Major

The Minor Heat Pump Cleaning

Any property owner in Auckland can achieve a minor heat pump cleaning which is why we also recommend that heat pumps are positioned in easy-to-access positions. The pump position will need to also ensure that noise pollution is not caused in your home or your neighbours. The noise can be in decibels or vibrations, so a first-class quality installation is essential.

Your DIY task is to clean the filters of the heat pump every fortnight by taking off the front panel and removing the filter. You can clean it using your vacuum cleaner’s dusting brush tool and running hot (not boiling) water over the filter. Air dry thoroughly before reinstalling it.

The Major Heat Pump Cleaning

A major heat pump cleaning involves a combination of a deep clean and a components check-up and can only be achieved by a professional. This service can include:

  • Deep clean of the internal pump system, fan, ventilation and all components.
  • Assessment of pump fan blades
  • Assessment and verification of condensation line integrity and drainage
  • Electrical review, including terminals, voltage and current draw
  • Start and stop tests
  • Heating to cooling switching tests
  • Checking of the indoor and outdoor unit levels, physical condition and louder-than-normal decibels or vibrations
  • Leak assessment of all joints and fittings
  • Verification of evaporator and condenser coil condition
  • A general check of all functions.
  • Thermostat testing and verification.

What Are The Benefits To You?

A serviced heat pump will be a more hygienic machine and will not affect the hygiene of your home. Regular cleaning and scheduled deep cleans and check-ups will reduce the build-up of dust, allergens, mould and dirt.

The maintained machine will perform efficiently and ensure you gain the maximum return on investment. Its efficient use of energy will also contribute to lowering your carbon footprint.

Three valuable wins for any property owner!

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